Love and Regret

Love is power and a weapon. It’s something that no one has control over and something which people can control. It’s not definite, it’s not definite.

It’s a creation that people hate and it’s also a creation that people love. It’s not a creation but one of those things which just exists. It depends on what love means to you. Some people show it out, some people don’t know how to show it out, and some people just don’t show it out, because they are afraid it can be used against them.

It’s understood that Pain and Love are both siblings, both come from the same place, and both live together. Where there is love there is pain. It is also believed, love and pain are not only for people but also for other species. It totally depends on the person. Love is so many things, It’s undefinable and definable at the same time. Pain is undefinable and definable at the same time.

Even if both of them are matterless things, they still hold our hands and keep us under their control. Maybe there are people out there who can control their pain and love, but that is not that likely. In today’s generation, no emotion is under anyone’s control, even the strongest businessman will give up when he is faced in front of the person he loves.

Love is a pain when it is used as a weapon, love is power when it’s just love. Another most discussed emotion is regret, people feel regret more than love. These are some very strong emotions that change and kill people.

Love is different for every person, it’s shown in different methods and absorbed in different methods. Love and regret are what the world is driven by. Both are something which will make people stop and think, and changes people. Stories are written on love, and regret, and it matters to some people, but it doesnt matter at all for some people, and on a larger picture, no one cares about it, but these emotions impact people, and people impact the society and that’s how the world runs. There is no such thing as changing the world, its just living the world in a manner you think it should be or in the manner of you what you think you need to do. Sometimes we do things without thinking, or with thinking or just without even having any awarness.

Even if you are not doing anything, that is doing something. Even if you think you are not acting, that is acting. Everything you are doing and not doing is doing just because of one factor, that is time.

As you are living this life, every second is spent and every second is counted, and invested. As every second is passed by, you are living, and you are doing something, it’s never nothing. And these actions are an impact in your future, these things which you are doing and not doing, it is shaping your future, even with you knowing and not knowing. Every second, how you spend or not spend, with knowing or without knowing, with awareness or without awareness changes or impacts your future. Every small doing or not doing is invested in shaping your future. No matter what you do or not do, or you think you are doing or not doing, it is shaping your future.

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  • James Rodri

    If it’s fast and cheap, it will never be good. If it’s cheap and good, it will never work out quickly. And if it is good and fast, it will never come cheap. But remember: of the three you still have to always choose two.

    2:38 pm January 26, 2020 Reply
  • Jack Morrison

    Think about the content that you want to invest in a created object, and only then will form. The thing is your spirit. A spirit unlike forms hard copy.

    2:38 pm January 26, 2020 Reply
    • admin

      I love the feel and sophistication of its superiority. I like people with a keen mind and at the same time easy to talk to.

      2:38 pm January 26, 2020 Reply
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